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eMind Invertebrate

Expandable Mind Software
List Price: Individual license: $6.49
10-31 users: $4.25 each
32+ users: $3.12 each
Site license: $209

eMind Invertebrate provides an in-depth study of four common invertebrates. Students will observe and dissect three views of the squid, earthworm, crayfish, and sea star. A comparisons section allows students to compare and contrast the major systems of each of the four invertebrates. Included is a MiniLab that enables students to investigate the effects of different drugs on the heart rate of daphnia. Also included is a survey of over 20 other invertebrates. (NGSS Alignment: HS-LS 1.2, HS-LS 1.3)

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Digital , Software Application
Crayfish , Earthworm , Invertebrates , Starfish
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