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MANIKEN®, EQUIKEN®, & CANIKEN® Comparative Pectoral Model

Anatomy in Clay
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Comparing anatomical structures between the animal world and humans only magnifies the educational experience and provides the linkage for the review of evolutionary subsystems. The process is enhanced as one uses the pectoral systems of the MANIKEN®, EQUIKEN® and CANIKEN®  models in a side by side comparative review. Build the musculature, the nerves and vascular systems (as well as others) and enjoy the similarities.

  • MANIKEN®, EQUIKEN®, & CANIKEN® Comparative Pectoral Model, on a sturdy base
  • Major Muscles of the MANIKEN®, EQUIKEN®, & CANIKEN® Forelimb: A Guide to Building Comparative Pectoral Musculature in Clay
  • Hardware for assembly
  • Basic Tool Set
  • Package of reusable clay
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Physical Model
Dog , Horse , Human
9-12 , College , Post Grad
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