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Virtual Animal Anatomy

CSU Ventures
List Price: $75 for five 12-month subscriptions

Virtual Animal Anatomy (VAA) includes a complete canine anatomy program, and partial equine, bovine, and feline anatomy programs. VAA is distributed as an external tool for learning management systems (e.g. Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L, etc.). A learning management system is required to run this version of the program. Google Classroom is not supported at this time.

Virtual Canine Anatomy (VCA) is an innovative anatomy program that has received outstanding accolades from members of the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, students, and instructors both in the United States and internationally. VCA enhances the students’ dissection experience and helps them learn anatomy efficiently (Linton, Schoenfeld-Tacher, Whalen, 2005). In addition, we have begun development of Virtual Equine Anatomy (VEA), Virtual Bovine Anatomy (VBA), and Virtual Feline Anatomy (VFA) programs.

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Digital , Software Application
Cat , Cow , Dog , Horse
9-12 , College , Post Grad
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