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Visual Anatomy 3D - Frog

List Price: $3.50

An interactive visual guide for learning and understanding the anatomy of a frog (Anura). Quickly get a clear and complete three-dimensional understanding of all muscles, bones and organs. Includes the option to search, save/restore states, quality settings and more.

Learn and study anatomy in a more interactive and intuitive way, it is not necessarily created as a replacement for books or other study material, but as an aid in learning. It is most useful for students who need more visual information than just two-dimensional images and charts. Instead of skipping between pages and trying to get a clear understanding of the relations between all muscles, bones and organs (in your mind), this app offers an easier way to quickly get a feel for the anatomy of a frog.

The app is created in full 3D, meaning it is possible to rotate, zoom and pan around the 3D model with unlimited freedom. It is also possible to activate 2D mode, which is the visual style you would expect on charts and images, for some situations it might be easier and more clear to use this mode (which still allows the use of all the interactive features).


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9-12 , College
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