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Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 4.0

McGraw Hill
List Price: $51
(1-year access for pig and cat, 2-year access for human)

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (APR) is an interactive computer dissection of a cadaver for learning anatomy and physiology and for clinical applications. This program uses cadaver photos combined with a layering technique that allows the student to peel away layers of the body to reveal structures beneath the surface. Anatomy & Physiology Revealed also offers animations, histological and radiological imaging, audio pronunciations, and a comprehensive quiz. Features: Overview; Integumentary System; Skeletal System; Muscular System; Nervous System; Endocrine System; Cardiovascular System; Lymphatic System; Respiratory System; Digestive System; Urinary System; Self-Test. 

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Digital , Software Application
Cat , Human , Pig
9-12 , College , Post Grad
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