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BioLEAP: Advancing Humane Science Education

Help make the life sciences more humane by using safe, cost-effective alternatives to classroom dissection.

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BioLEAP Classroom Grant

Are you interested in making the leap to humane alternatives to dissection? A NAVS BioLEAP Classroom Grant can help! Awards of up to $1,000 are available to teachers who want to teach the life sciences without harming animals.

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Switching to dissection alternatives can save thousands of dollars

21 states and the District of Columbia have student choice laws or policies in place

Sources suggest that 6-12 million animals are used for dissection in the United States every year

Alternatives & Academics

Alternatives to animal dissection offer multiple benefits to students and teachers. Students using non-animal alternatives perform as well as or even better than students using traditional dissection, and alternatives can be used to meet essential learning objectives, often at lower costs than traditional animal dissection. Virtual alternatives are also often more compatible with self-paced and distance learning.

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Opting Out of Dissection

Student choice laws and policies support students and educators who do not want to participate in animal dissection or who wish to incorporate innovative technology in the science classroom. Many states have adopted such laws and policies, but they vary widely from state to state. Make sure you know and understand the laws specific to your state.

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Humane Solutions - Dissection Alternatives

There are fun, creative and effective non-animal alternatives available to students and teachers seeking to replace inhumane dissections, from web-based programs and apps to physical models. These solutions help teach students valuable skills while they learn about anatomy and physiology.

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